All linguistics can be discussed here -- this is the place to go to for discussion of how character names, item names, etc., should be translated.
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Post by NoahSteam » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:55 pm

1.) Image

2.) Image

3.) Image

4.) Image

5.) Image

6.) Image

7.) Image

8.) Image

9.) Image

10.) Image

11.) Image

12.) Image

13.) Image

14.) Image

15.) Image

16.) Image

17.) Image

18.) Image

19.) Image

20.) Image

21.) Image

22.) Image

23.) Image

24.) Image

25.) Image

26.) Image

27.) Image

28.) Image

29.) Image

30.) Image

31.) Image

32.) Image

33.) Image

34.) Image

35.) Image

36.) Image

37.) Image

38.) Image

39.) Image

40.) Image

41.) Image

42.) Image

43.) Image

44.) Image

45.) Image

46.) Image

47.) Image

48.) Image

49.) Image

50.) Image

51.) Image

52.) Image

53.) Image

54.) Image

55.) Image

56.) Image

57.) Image

58.) Image

59.) Image

60.) Image

61.) Image

62.) Image

63.) Image

64.) Image

65.) Image

66.) Image

67.) Image

68.) Image

69.) Image

70.) Image

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Re: MINIHANA_Subsection2

Post by Schlomo » Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:54 am

Posting this for Nezumi, since she doesn't seem to have a forum account:

1.) Alright. Let’s go over the rules!

2.) To think we would play Hanafuda in my room! Just the two of us...

3.) Whoever wins or loses... Let's just have fun!

4.) Thanks for participating in the Great Koi Koi Battle!

5.) Since this is your first time playing Koi Koi...

6.) I will explain the rules to you. Listen up!

7.) Let’s start with the screen layout.

8.) First each of us is dealt 8 cards. That’s our hand.

9.) Another 8 cards are placed face up in the middle.

10.) That’s the shared pool. We can both take cards from there.

11.) OK, I’ll explain the rest while we play.

12.) There’s a card with a green highlight in your hand...

13.) ...and a card of the same type in the middle.

14.) They are a little different, but the flowers are the same.

15.) Match up a card from your hand with one from the pool to take them.

16.) Why don’t you try it?

17.) Select the card you want to take with the d-pad or the mouse.

18.) Once the card you want appears bigger, push the button to confirm.

19.) Awesome, you just took a pair of cards.

20.) Next, a card will be revealed from this pile.

21.) If it matches another card in the pool…

22.) Amazing! You can take another pair. Feels great, right?

23.) The cards you took will be displayed in the lower right.

24.) There’s a matching card! Why don’t you take it?

25.) If you play a non-matching card, it’s tossed into the pool.

26.) That wraps up your turn. Over to me.

27.) I’m also playing a card from my hand to form a pair.

28.) A card from the pile is revealed. If it matches, I take it.

29.) Like this, we keep taking turns. Easy, right?

30.) Oh, looks like you don’t have a matching card!

31.) You’ll have to discard one into the pool.

32.) Choose any card you think you won’t need.

33.) Select a card and confirm by pushing the button.

34.) A card from the pile will still be revealed after this.

35.) OK, let’s just keep playing for now.

36.) Oh, look! You just scored a combo!

37.) You collected three cards with blue scrolls.

38.) This combo is worth 6 points. Awesome!

39.) Whoever scores a combo first, wins.

40.) In this case, that’s you! You score the points of your combo.

41.) By the way, points are also called “mon”, after an old currency.

42.) You can look up the different combos in the menu.

43.) There are 12 in total. I’m sure you’ll memorize them quickly.

44.) Now, with your blue scrolls, you win this round…

45.) But if you wish, you can also decide to continue!

46.) You already have the Deer and the Butterfly card.

47.) If you could get the Boar, you’d score another combo.

48.) This combo would be worth another 6 points.

49.) That would bring up your total to 12 points. Tempting, right?

50.) If you want to secure your points, choose “I’m done.”

51.) If you want to keep going, choose “Koi Koi.”

52.) You chose “I’m done”, so this round is over.

53.) You win. The 6 points you scored are taken from me.

54.) But it’s not always gonna be this easy.

55.) If I had scored a combo first and chosen “Koi Koi”…

56.) Sometimes it pays off to be aggressive.

57.) Now we’ll play for real! I won’t hold back!

58.) You chose “Koi Koi”! You like to gamble, huh?

59.) The 6 points from your blue scrolls aren’t secured yet.

60.) OK, the battle continues! Do your best!

61.) Oh, a deer-boar-butterfly combo! What will you do now?

62.) You chose “I’m done”, so this round is over.

63.) 6 plus 6... That’s 12 points!

64.) You’re good at this. Let’s continue.

65.) Oh, now I scored a combo!

66.) I’m not chosing “Koi Koi”, so the round ends here.

67.) All the combos you made this round are lost.

68.) Choosing “Koi Koi” can score you lots of points, but it is risky.

69.) Luck can swing both ways. Next time you might win.

70.) Now, let’s play for real. I won’t hold back this time!

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