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Sakura: I'm sorry!
Sumire: Didn't anyone teach you that it's impolite to tread on someone's kimono hem?
Sakura: Sorry...
Sumire: That's why I don't like country loafs. So rude and vulgar... Come on, I'll go from the start.
Sakura: Oops, so sorry!
Sumire: You brat! Ms. Sakura... If my words fall on deaf ears, I'll have to teach you the hard way.


Miroku: Crimson Miroku [Maitreya?], present!
Setsuna: Azure Setsuna, here!
Rasetsu: Argent Rasetsu [Rakshasa?]!
Satan: Sable Satan!
All: We, the Hive of Darkness, have come to do your bidding, master Tenkai!


Audience: Maria! Sakura!
Sakura: André!


Ayame: Oh, did you hurt yourself?
Ogami: I, err...
Ayame: Haha, you're a funny one.


Maria: Captain!


Miroku: Got you!


Sakura: Mr. Ogami... Fire!
... Mr. Ogami!


Miroku: At last, we did it! Master Tenkai is victorious! I am so happy!
Tenkai: What power! It's awe-inspiring! Our [???] will return!


Ogami: Damn it! Everyone, retreat!
All: Roger!


Satan: Come back to life, lost holy capital!
Hahahaha! At last, at long last!


Evacuation of the deck, complete!
Final safety locks, released. Ready for launch!
Yoneda: Good! Start main engine! Issue emergency warning to all parts of Teito! Aerial battleship Mikasa - launch!
Maria: Aerial battleship Mikasa... So they really managed to build it!
Yoneda: Loading [spherical brilliance cluster?] - fire!


Yoneda: Not on my watch!
This will end it all!


Ayame/Michael: Farewell! I'm glad I met you.
Sakura: Are you alright, Mr. Ogami?
Ogami: Of course. I have all of you. You mean so much to me...
Sakura: Mr. Ogami...
Yoneda: Hey!
All: Lieutenant Commander Yoneda!!!
Yoneda: I haven't bitten the dust yet! Now... just as I promised, let's celebrate! A big party!
Sakura: But before we start... Mr. Ogami, is there anyone here who means especially much to you? Who will you choose?
Ogami: No, I...
All: Me! It's me! Me, right? Me!
Ogami: ...Wait, no, hold on!


Ogami: For me?
Sakura's letter: The battle has ended, and peace has returned to the capital. My heart is overflowing with memories. During my time in the Imperial Floral Storm Troupe, I always just depended on others. I have realized that now. Therefore, I am leaving on a journey to train myself. I'll become stronger and return without fail. Commander Ogami, please forgive me for leaving like this. - Sakura Shinguuji

Sakura: Mr. Ogami! I'm sorry.


Ogami: The bell has struck 12...
Sumire: And yet, the spell cast on me didn't vanish.


Ogami: Are you sure this is safe?
Kohran: Sure, you can trust me! Let's go!
...Oh, it caught fire.


Iris: Hey, uncle Ichi. My father also likes you a lot!
Ogami: Oh, really?
Iris: I'm sure I'll grow up to be reaaaally pretty, so don't cheat on me until then, okay?
Ogami: Yeah, yeah...


Kanna: Watch your step!
...Whoaaaa, a snake!!!

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