All linguistics can be discussed here -- this is the place to go to for discussion of how character names, item names, etc., should be translated.
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Post by NoahSteam » Wed Oct 23, 2019 5:43 pm

1.) Image

2.) Image

3.) Image

4.) Image

5.) Image

6.) Image

7.) Image

8.) Image

9.) Image

10.) Image

11.) Image

12.) Image

13.) Image

14.) Image

15.) Image

16.) Image

17.) Image

18.) Image

19.) Image

20.) Image

21.) Image

22.) Image

23.) Image

24.) Image

25.) Image

26.) Image

27.) Image

28.) Image

29.) Image

30.) Image

31.) Image

32.) Image

33.) Image

34.) Image

35.) Image

36.) Image

37.) Image

38.) Image

39.) Image

40.) Image

41.) Image

42.) Image

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Re: MINICOOK_Subsection2

Post by Schlomo » Thu Oct 31, 2019 8:28 pm

1.) 0123456789
2.) Let's cook up something delicious!
3.) Sir, let's get started right away.
4.) First, the ingredients. Let's cut the carrots.
5.) I'll show you how it's done. Pay attention.
6.) If you don't need help, just push B.
7.) Push the button to cut with your knife.
8.) Do it properly, by following the markings.
9.) I'll prepare the Pirozhki in the meantime.
10.) Okay, let's cut this carrot!
11.) Looks like you cut the carrot. Next, the seasoning.
12.) Pay attention and remember the spices and amounts.
13.) Tablespoons of tomato paste: <?>. Tablespoons of grease: <?>. Tablespoons of wine vinegar: <?>...
14.) Tablespoons of ketchup: <?>. Pinches of salt and pepper: <?>. That's all.
15.) Sooo... How many tablespoons of wine vinegar was it again?
16.) 1 tablespoon.<br>2 tablespoons.<br>3 tablespoons.
17.) How many tablespoons of tomato ketchup?
18.) Erm... How many tablespoons of grease?
19.) Let's see... How many pinches of salt and pepper?
20.) 1 pinch.<br>2 pinches.<br>3 pinches.
21.) And tomato paste... How many tablespoons?
22.) Okay, that wraps up the seasoning.
23.) You seem to be done with the seasoning. That leaves the cooking.
24.) I could help you, but since you started, you should see it through.
25.) No problem! But... how should I cook it?
26.) Use the button to control the heat. Keep it between medium and strong for 30 minutes.
27.) If the heat is low, it will come out raw. If it's too strong, it will burn.
28.) The Pirozhki are done. Good job, sir. Now, let's taste them.
29.) You cut the carrot just right. No complaints there.
30.) The carrot pieces look a little irregular. But nothing too bad.
31.) The carrot pieces are all over the place. They'll be hard to chew.
32.) The seasoning is great! All the ingredients are in perfect harmony.
33.) The seasoning is... acceptable. It doesn't taste bad or anything.
34.) The seasoning is... not quite there. Some of the ingredients are overpowering.
35.) You cooked it just right. The carrot melts in your mouth... Perfect!
36.) You turned the heat a little too high and cooked it to a pulp...
37.) It's partly raw... The heat was probably too low.
38.) Let's rate the overall meal. Out of 100 points, I'd award you...
39.) About <?> points, I'd say.
40.) You helped make excellent Pirozhki. Thank you very much, sir!
41.) It's a shame, you were so close to something good.
42.) Oh dear... What a disaster...

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