Creating an iso image for a Saturn game

Discussion of the technical aspects of patching Sakura Taisen.
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Creating an iso image for a Saturn game

Post by NoahSteam » Wed Oct 28, 2020 4:53 am

You'll need the following tools (all of them are free):
1) UltraISO
2) wxmedit (or any other hex editor)
3) IsoPatcher
4) IsoBuster: Free download @

First Time Steps:
1) Create an iso of the original disc*
2) Using wxmedit (or another hex editing program) Copy the first 32k (0x8000) bytes from the original bin file and paste it into a new file called IP.BIN. (Note some games like Sakura Wars require the first 0x9000 bytes)
3) Extract isopatch.exe from and place it in the same directory as IP.BIN.

Steps to create an iso from your original disc:
1) Pop your Sakura Wars CD into your computer's CD/DVD ROM drive. Open the
disc in IsoBuster. Right-click on the top-level CD icon and do as follows:
Extract CD <Content> -> Extract User Data (*.tao, *.iso, *.img, *.wav)

2) Save the image in a directory of your choice.

3) When the copy reaches 99%, you'll receive an "Unreadable Sector" prompt.
Select "Replace with all zeros," check the "Always apply Selection" box, and click the
"Selection" button. The image copy will complete.

4) You should end up with two files:
Track 01.iso
Track 02.wav.

Steps to create a new image:
1) Open UltraIso and set your properties (File->Properties) to the following and then press "Set as Default". You only need to do this once.

2) Put all of files from the disc into the image
3) Create a new iso file by going to "File->Save As" and set the format to ISO file. Save this in the save directory as the IP.BIN file and name it 1.bin
4) Run ippatch.exe. All this program does is just copy the contents from IP.BIN and paste it into the first 32k bytes of your new image (1.bin)
5) Use the same format from the cue file that was generated when you created an iso of the original disc to create your new cue.
6) Wav files in the same directory as your cue and iso file.

And that's all. You should be able to run this using any emulator or burning a disc with it (assuming you have a modded Saturn capable of reading cdrs)

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