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FCE Files

Post by NoahSteam » Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:58 am

This is to document how FCE.BIN files work.

FCE files are used during the story dialog sequences. The files contain images of the faces of the characters who will be speaking.

The format is very simple. At the top there is a lookup table with a 2 byte id. This id will be used by the sequence files (0100.BIN, 0101.BIN, etc.). The sequence files will refer to one of these 2 byte ids whenever the character image needs to change. The index at which the id appears at will be the index of the face image in the FCE.BIN file.

Each face is stored as a 40x48 face along with two 40x16 images which are used for blinking.

Knowing this, it can be figured out which character image is active for each line of dialog. The sequence file specifies a line of dialog after the bytes 228000 or 2E8000. So the dialog line with id 2716 will be specified like this: 22 80 00 27 16. After this, either there will be another line that is specified or there is some data that is used to change the character image, the cutscene, etc.. Whenever the face image has to change, sometime before the dialog id is specified, the face image will show up as 2B 80 00 xx xx where xx xx is the 2 byte lookup id in FCE.BIN.

Here is the image in 0100FCE.BIN

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